Lively Up Your Day…The Irie Way!

At ReCaFo we’re not only about food. We believe that the restaurant experience should be one that encompasses warmth, passion and friendliness, and that’s what we exude in our everyday duties. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with a welcoming smile and impeccable service. It’s like you’re family. We started our “Lively Up Your Day…The Irie Way” initiative in April of this year … Continue reading Lively Up Your Day…The Irie Way!

ReCaFo IC Officially Closes!

Hi Irie Fam, We’re gathered here today to celebrate this spot called ReCaFo IC. A chill Jamaican restaurant location that spiced up your lunch and dinnertimes for a year and half. A place where Jamaican food and service were the specialties everyday, served fresh, tasty and with a smile. This occasion could have been a sad one, but we’ve chosen to celebrate the past year and a half because … Continue reading ReCaFo IC Officially Closes!

Jamaican Patty & Coco Bread

If you have ever been to Jamaica or visited a Jamaican food joint in your locale, then I think you know where we’re headed with this article. The Jamaican Patty and Coco Bread is like no other snack or lunch item. It is filling, packed with flavor and very rich, ask anyone who’s had it. We sell Beef, Chicken and Vegetable Patties along with Coco … Continue reading Jamaican Patty & Coco Bread

ReCaFo #3 Officially Opens in Bushwick!

We are super excited to announce that our third location opened this past Tuesday in Bushwick at 899 Broadway & Arion Place to much excitement. Customers and residents of the area are so happy that we’re in the community as we’re the only Jamaican restaurant offering up all our finger licking goodness anywhere close by. Below are some pics from our first week, more to … Continue reading ReCaFo #3 Officially Opens in Bushwick!

ReCaFo Opens in Bushwick on Dec. 28, 2015

On December 28, 2015 Bushwick will experience something new! Irie to you, our awesome customers and fans. We’re happy to announce that this December we will be opening our third location in the vibrant community of Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Smack right in the middle of Broadway, just steps away from busy intersections and train stops, we’re excited to delve into the amazing art, fashion and music scene … Continue reading ReCaFo Opens in Bushwick on Dec. 28, 2015

Have An Irie Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving From ReCaFo It’s that special time of year when we all come together to celebrate life, family, friends and all the blessings bestowed upon us. ReCaFo is thankful for you our loyal fans who have stood by us and has made this year a very exciting one. We wish you all the best this holiday and Thank You for being an Irie fan! Now … Continue reading Have An Irie Thanksgiving!

Recipe of the Day: Jamaican Jerk Tofu

Jerk is the rockstar of Jamaican food, but it is mostly associated with Chicken and Pork. Today we give you a tasty recipe that will be perfect for your Vegetarian palate. The Jerk Tofu is just as spicy as Jerk Chicken/Pork and will definitely leave you going back for more. It is the perfect spicy substitute for any meat dish. Check it out below. Ingredients … Continue reading Recipe of the Day: Jamaican Jerk Tofu