ReCaFo’s New Website

Our location on the web needed some refurbishing, so we did just that. We saw the need for a change and answered that need and now our online location is one of the best in our niche. Our new website consists of the following:

ReCaFo Website 2

  • More pictures and videos of our Irie Food and Irie Service
  • A detailed Menu
  • A historical summary of our biggest menu items
  • Location pages with info pertaining to each store and also links to order from our online partners (Grubhub, Seamless, Postmates, Amazon Prime)
  • Info on Current/Ongoing promotions
  • Info on our Irie Rewards Program
  • Articles and mentions written about ReCaFo
  • Details on our Charity initiative
  • A detailed feedback page with a snapshot of our Yelp pages

ReCaFo Website 3

Overall, the site is much more informative, easy flowing and practical. Our aim is to make our website not only another place on the web for our brand, but a useful location for everything ReCaFo.

Check it out @ www.recafo.comΒ and let us know what you think in the comments below.

One Love





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