ReCaFo IC Officially Closes!

Hi Irie Fam,

We’re gathered here today to celebrate this spot called ReCaFo IC. A chill Jamaican restaurant location that spiced up your lunch and dinnertimes for a year and half. A place where Jamaican food and service were the specialties everyday, served fresh, tasty and with a smile.

This occasion could have been a sad one, but we’ve chosen to celebrate the past year and a half because being melancholy changes nothing. We want to say an Irie thanks to all of you, our Irie customers who supported and came out to this jammin party over the past months. We love you and are happy to have shared the efforts of our hard work with you. Thanks for always making ReCaFo IC your lunch spot every day and every week; you all know yourselves ;).

2015-01-06 17.46.59

This is no goodbye though. ReCaFo is shining brighter than ever with other popping locations (see for more) along with future prospects of more NYC stores and even expansion to other states. This is business, and sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on, but we’ll never forget you guys.

If you’re ever in need of some Real Caribbean Food, just drop by one of our other locations mon. The Irie party just moved from IC because it couldn’t handle the noise ReCaFo was making.


Respect fam and see you soon!


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