Livin’ in Jamaica #1: Watta of da (h) eart

Coconut Water is the best. Read this fam!

Adventures of a Honeybee


          Every Sunday, this fella comes and sells jelly and sugarcane out of his car in Hellshire. This is my second jelly since arriving in Jamaica, but I have always been a huge fan of Cocos Nucifera and its diverse uses in and out of the kitchen. I am sure I will write more about coconuts in the future, but here is a spotlight on drinking the liquid of unripe coconuts, also called the jelly/water of the heart in Jamaica. I will never buy the packaged coconut water again after tasting the difference of the fresh stuff! I think the next goal will be getting my own machete and learning how to open the fruit to drink on my own. I would also love to try and make popsicles out of the water!

“The liquid inside the unripe nut makes a cooling drink, slightly acid. Edmund…

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