J is for Jamaica

Nice article.

What they eat there

Jamaica. Man.  One can’t go without the other. 

So off to Jamaica man we go. 

The word Jerk gets thrown around A LOT when people talk about Jamaican food. IMG_5611  It’s often followed by a dreamy hungry look. 

I can’t say that I’d ever tasted Jerk, but I’ve certainly known one or two in my life.  (Yes you if you are reading!) 

So what is Jerk and how does it go with chicken? And what happens if you roll a corn cob in Jerk mayo and then in roasted coconut flakes? 

And why did my upside down pineapple cake, a traditional dessert for Jamaicans, turned into an upside down mess? Because I tried to get clever with the coconut flour. Again.  Hey but the kids still ate it!

So here we go…  (man) 

Jerk Chicken

A very traditional Jamaican street food dish. Served with beans and rice.

It’s fiddy as there are a few…

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