The Only Way to Counter Renovation Blues

Nice read. Escape from the winter blues here in the US with this post.

Earth Ocean Sky Redux


We’ve left on a jet plane, won’t be back ’til the floors are done and our psyches are renewed with a serious dose of sunshine. The only dust we want to feel is the sand of the Jamaican beaches between our toes.

I’m bringing an iPad so I can (and will) post photos from time to time. Sound Beacher has supplied me with some great pix for an EOS Weekend that I put together last night and programmed to run in a couple of days.

I’ve set the comments to “approve if they have made a comment before”. So gab away. Meanwhile, excuse us as we grab fresh pineapple for breakfast.

The house and Dawg are being lovingly cared for by son #1 who has been given instructions not to call us unless the floors turn out stained purple. Even then, maybe we’ll learn to love purple.

And finally, to…

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