ReCaFo Caters

Here at ReCaFo a big part of our business is catering. We officially started our catering operations almost a year ago when we began receiving orders from customers to have our great tasting food at their events. Today we have served over 100 corporate companies and dozens of private events, and we accomplished this through the great service and most of all the traditional tasting, authentic food that we offer.

Our menus are packed with delicious options such as Jerk Chicken/Pork, Oxtail, Curried Chicken/Goat, Coconut Rice & Peas, Tossed/Steamed Vegetables, Cocktail/Regular Size Beef, Chicken or Vegan Patties, Fried Plantains, Vegetarian options (Veggie Medley & Vegan Delight), and much more.

Just to mention a few names, we have catered to the likes of Google, Microsoft, Uber, Appnexus, Vine, Bravo, New York University (NYU) and the list goes on and on. We have made our mark here in the hectic and saturated catering market of NYC by offering a great product and real island service. From our lively, colorful plates, to the reggae color themed napkins, we offer a unique island experience that is next to none in our niche.

You can check out some of our past caterings below:

catering1 catering2 catering3 catering4 catering5 catering6 catering7 catering8

If you like what you see above, you are located in the NYC area and you would like us to lively up your event and tastebuds, you can check out our sun-filled menusΒ here. Or email us at

N.B. Head count must be 10 +. Other conditions apply.

We know you will love it mon! Reach out to us today!

ReCaFo is IrieFood


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