Blue Mountains and What Not

Fun article about a Jamaican vacation. πŸ™‚


We have been in Jamaica for about 4 days now and have figured a few things out. Many friends told us about the wonders of the Blue Mountain Coffee before we arrived, as well as its potent capabilities. I thought, β€œok, whatever. I drink strong coffee all the time. I won’t be running to the bathroom.” To all those friends, I am sorry. You were absolutely correct. I think this stuff may be laced with pharmaceutical grade laxatives. There is just no other explanation.

Another thing we have noticed is the apparent allergy all of the other guests at this resort have to rain. A single drop and they scatter like cockroaches seeing light. Which is awesome, because it leaves the pools and grounds empty for us. Hehehe. At one point, I lived in Hawaii. The best part of that island was the occasional downpour. It doesn’t bother me. And…

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