Merry Xmas & an Irie New Year From the ReCaFo Team!

Another year has passed and it is time to sing those jolly Xmas carols and Auld Lang Syne to signal the end of 2014 and usher in the big 2K15. How was your year? Was it good, bad, successful, tiring, stacked with steep climbs, long drops and high leaps? Well all those adjectives and metaphors fairly sum up 2014 for ReCaFo. When we started out in January we were a small business operating out of a 10×10 space at the Falchi Building in L.I.C, Queens and today we are in the process of opening our second full-fledged location in Industry City, Brooklyn. God has been good!

We want to thank all our die hard customers, well-wishers, family, friends, and supporters for making this year a great success. Where we are today is where we were expecting to be 5 years from now, but life has a way of placing great opportunities at your doorstep; and its up to you to hear that knock, open the door and accept it.

As we look forward to 2015 we want to implore young people like us who are seeking to make their dream reality, nothing comes easy. It is hard work, early mornings, late nights, headaches, tears, stress, and also a stroke of luck; but when you overcome all that you will be surprised at the outcome. So get out there and make 2015 a progressive year, a year in which you can say you did something and you made an effort. Laziness is never rewarded.

You are all a part of our ReCaFo fam, and we look forward to serving you a lot more Real Caribbean Food in 2015 and beyond. Have fun, enjoy the season and for our fam in the NYC area visit us in L.I.C., Queens at the Falchi Building and at Industry City, Brooklyn from January 5, when we re-open our doors after the holidays.


ReCaFo is Irie Food

One Love!


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