ReCaFo’s Catering Menu

ReCaFo is a Caribbean brand at heart. Our food is unlike any other Caribbean food brand out there when it comes to taste and quality, because this is the mission statement on which we are building our business; great tasting food that comes from the heart and is true to its roots. Our dishes are 100% Jamaican/Caribbean and as our name suggests (Real Caribbean Food) we make it a part of our mission to offer you authentic dishes that will definitely take you to the islands.

Our catering menu is no different, as we have done our best to include mouthwatering Jamaican dishes that we guarantee will make your next party or event the talk of the town. From our Jerked Snapper to the Crazy Cow Brown Stew, these flavors and combinations will put you and your guests right under a coconut tree sunbathing in the warm sun wherever you are.

So try our catering services today if you are located in the New York City area. Your events will never be the same. Yea Mon!

See copies of the catering menu in the gallery below. Click on images to expand gallery.

For a better look at our catering menu and more, visit our official website @




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