Our Real Jamaican Line of Sauces


Sauces are a major part of many dishes from the island of Jamaica and by extension, the Caribbean. These sauces compliment dishes such as jerk chicken, jerk pork, steam/fried fish, curried chicken and goat among many others. ReCaFo has created a unique line of spices that will go well with not only Caribbean dishes but with any cuisine around the world. These sauces range from very spicy to mild and sweet. You will definitely keep coming back for more when you try these delectable island spices in bottles.

The names of our sauces capture the spicy elements of the island. They are as follows; Reggae Jerk BBQ Sauce, Reggae Jerk Sauce, Island Heat Hot Sauce, Jamaican Sweet & Spicy Sauce and the Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce.

Below you can find the sell sheet detailing what our products are made of and also pictures of our sauces. After you read, we would appreciate it if you visit our store and take a look at our sauces and by extension our snacks @ www.shop.recafo.com.

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