Bucket List #5: Bobsledding tour, Jamaica

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Jamaica, we have a bobsled team. Cool Running!

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You remember that movie, the one with the Jamaican bobsledding team headed to the Olympics? Cool Runnings? (as always, this is my not-so-subtle way of telling you that it’s a cute flick and deserves a watch) Well, how cool would it be to head to Mystic Mountain, Jamaica and do a scenic bobsled tour?

Chris Short FlickrImage via Flickr. Photographer: Chris Short.

Chris Short FlickrImage via Flickr. Photographer: Chris Short.

And in case those weren’t exciting enough (read: tough crowd) here are some photos of Mystic Mountain:

Kristen FullImage via Flickr. Photographer:Kristine Full

I know you were going to Google it at some point, so I saved you the effort:

Trailer via Only Previews, YouTube

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Livin’ in Jamaica #1: Watta of da (h) eart

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Coconut Water is the best. Read this fam!

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          Every Sunday, this fella comes and sells jelly and sugarcane out of his car in Hellshire. This is my second jelly since arriving in Jamaica, but I have always been a huge fan of Cocos Nucifera and its diverse uses in and out of the kitchen. I am sure I will write more about coconuts in the future, but here is a spotlight on drinking the liquid of unripe coconuts, also called the jelly/water of the heart in Jamaica. I will never buy the packaged coconut water again after tasting the difference of the fresh stuff! I think the next goal will be getting my own machete and learning how to open the fruit to drink on my own. I would also love to try and make popsicles out of the water!

“The liquid inside the unripe nut makes a cooling drink, slightly acid. Edmund…

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J is for Jamaica

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Jamaica. Man.  One can’t go without the other. 

So off to Jamaica man we go. 

The word Jerk gets thrown around A LOT when people talk about Jamaican food. IMG_5611  It’s often followed by a dreamy hungry look. 

I can’t say that I’d ever tasted Jerk, but I’ve certainly known one or two in my life.  (Yes you if you are reading!) 

So what is Jerk and how does it go with chicken? And what happens if you roll a corn cob in Jerk mayo and then in roasted coconut flakes? 

And why did my upside down pineapple cake, a traditional dessert for Jamaicans, turned into an upside down mess? Because I tried to get clever with the coconut flour. Again.  Hey but the kids still ate it!

So here we go…  (man) 

Jerk Chicken

A very traditional Jamaican street food dish. Served with beans and rice.

It’s fiddy as there are a few…

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Feel the Love on Your Anniversary at Secrets St. James Montego Bay!

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It’s #WeddingWednesday and we’re excited to celebrate love!

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous and important days of your life which is why we believe it should always be celebrated in a big way! Our complimentary anniversary package at Secrets St. James Montego Bay is a favorite amongst our guests and we’re so thrilled that Brock S. chose to share a fantastic video of his anniversary trip with his bride!

Set on a peninsula surrounded by the crystal-clear Caribbean, Secrets St. James offers adults a quiet oceanfront destination with the ultimate in sophistication, relaxation, romance and the privileges of Unlimited-Luxury® at a AAA Four Diamond resort.

SEMB_Aerial10_2 A breathtaking aerial shot of Secrets St. James Montego Bay.

Guests looking to take advantage of our complimentary newlywed or anniversary package need only to request the package at the time of booking and provide a copy of their wedding invitation or marriage certificate…

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A Hidden Treasure: Frenchman’s Cove, Jamaica

You have heard so much about paradise, and in some way the word is used so loosely. BUT! This is not such a case. We all know Jamaica for its natural beauty, I know you are like “Tell me something IDK.” Well I am going to do just that.Jamaica has many beaches, after all it is an island, but there are a few hidden secrets that the island possess and Frenchman’s Cove is one of them.

Located in the Northeastern tip of Jamaica in a lesser talked about parish called Portland, Frenchman’s Cove is the place you have been searching for on all those travel blogs.You might have heard of the famous Golden Eye where Ian Fleming wrote and created the mega successful character, James Bond, or the notorious James Bond Beach where “Dr. No, from the book series was partially filmed in the 60’s. But, most likely you have never heard of Frenchman’s Cove located just just a few miles away.

We believe that pictures say a thousand words, so we’ll let you see for yourself what we speak of, and one of these days you might just find yourself in Frenchman’s Cove mon!





The beach’s pristine water is ideal for swimming, relaxing or just to stare at. Performing your yoga or reading your favorite novel while hearing the gentle waves roll ashore will definitely create memories for life.



Set up in the 1960’s as a secluded spot for the rich and famous, the beach is owned by a resort of the same name. So, when you go here you are tucked away from prying eyes and its just you and paradise.

Have you ever been to Frenchman’s Cove before? Hail us up in the comments below.



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The Only Way to Counter Renovation Blues

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Nice read. Escape from the winter blues here in the US with this post.

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We’ve left on a jet plane, won’t be back ’til the floors are done and our psyches are renewed with a serious dose of sunshine. The only dust we want to feel is the sand of the Jamaican beaches between our toes.

I’m bringing an iPad so I can (and will) post photos from time to time. Sound Beacher has supplied me with some great pix for an EOS Weekend that I put together last night and programmed to run in a couple of days.

I’ve set the comments to “approve if they have made a comment before”. So gab away. Meanwhile, excuse us as we grab fresh pineapple for breakfast.

The house and Dawg are being lovingly cared for by son #1 who has been given instructions not to call us unless the floors turn out stained purple. Even then, maybe we’ll learn to love purple.

And finally, to…

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Reasons why I love Jamaica

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Facts. Almost every Jamaican who lives overseas or even at home can relate to this. Nice read.

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I have heard many Jamaicans complain about Jamaica, however when they migrate they learn to appreciate the wealth the country had to offer.
Guess the Jamaican proverb is to be true ‘ Never miss di wata till di tap run dry’ ( Never miss the water until the tap runs dry , translation for those who don’t know patios). The prevalence of the regret people have when they migrate seems to amuse me.

So here are some reasons I love my island and will never leave this tropical paradise.

1. Predictable weather – in Jamaica only two climatic conditions are experienced ,rain and sunshine.

2. Aesthetic value -beautiful mountains , amazing sunset , beaches. OMG, I could spend forever talking about this.

3. There is a fruit tree everywhere- in my backyard there is a banana tree , where else outside the Caribbean would that be possible?

4. The people…

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ReCaFo Caters

Here at ReCaFo a big part of our business is catering. We officially started our catering operations almost a year ago when we began receiving orders from customers to have our great tasting food at their events. Today we have served over 100 corporate companies and dozens of private events, and we accomplished this through the great service and most of all the traditional tasting, authentic food that we offer.

Our menus are packed with delicious options such as Jerk Chicken/Pork, Oxtail, Curried Chicken/Goat, Coconut Rice & Peas, Tossed/Steamed Vegetables, Cocktail/Regular Size Beef, Chicken or Vegan Patties, Fried Plantains, Vegetarian options (Veggie Medley & Vegan Delight), and much more.

Just to mention a few names, we have catered to the likes of Google, Microsoft, Uber, Appnexus, Vine, Bravo, New York University (NYU) and the list goes on and on. We have made our mark here in the hectic and saturated catering market of NYC by offering a great product and real island service. From our lively, colorful plates, to the reggae color themed napkins, we offer a unique island experience that is next to none in our niche.

You can check out some of our past caterings below:

catering1 catering2 catering3 catering4 catering5 catering6 catering7 catering8

If you like what you see above, you are located in the NYC area and you would like us to lively up your event and tastebuds, you can check out our sun-filled menus here. Or email us at info@recafo.com.

N.B. Head count must be 10 +. Other conditions apply.

We know you will love it mon! Reach out to us today!

ReCaFo is IrieFood

Returning To The Riu Palace Montego Bay!!

ReCaFo | Real Caribbean Food:

Great place to stay in paradise. Read this short article about the Riu Palace Mobay.

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The countdown is on!

Yesterday I went to my travel agent!

With another foot of snow on it’s way for today I wanted to book a tropical destination BEFORE the weekend was over!

In April I will be returning to the Riu Palace Montego Bay!

All inclusive!  All food and drinks!

Excellent service!

Adults only!!!!!!


This is the view from the lobby!

view from the lobby view from the lobby

This is the view from the beach looking back at the Riu Palace Montego Bay!

view from the beach view from the beach

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Rick’s Cafe, Jamaica

ReCaFo | Real Caribbean Food:

Great pics and post. We can’t get enough of Rick’s Cafe. Read and enjoy.

Originally posted on Amelia Marie:

Rick's CafeRick's Cafe When we landed on the shores of Negril, Jamaica at a place called Rick’s Cafe, we saw these guys doing tricks for money. If you payed them, they would dive off of these high wooden platforms and cliffs, into the bay below. The more money they got, the higher they jumped. Made me want to be a little more adventurous with my life!

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