ReCaFo #3 Officially Opens in Bushwick!

We are super excited to announce that our third location opened this past Tuesday in Bushwick at 899 Broadway & Arion Place to much excitement. Customers and residents of the area are so happy that we’re in the community as we’re the only Jamaican restaurant offering up all our finger licking goodness anywhere close by. Below are some pics from our first week, more to … Continue reading ReCaFo #3 Officially Opens in Bushwick!

recafo bushwick front

ReCaFo Opens in Bushwick on Dec. 28, 2015

On December 28, 2015 Bushwick will experience something new! Irie to you, our awesome customers and fans. We’re happy to announce that this December we will be opening our third location in the vibrant community of Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Smack right in the middle of Broadway, just steps away from busy intersections and train stops, we’re excited to delve into the amazing art, fashion and music scene … Continue reading ReCaFo Opens in Bushwick on Dec. 28, 2015

ja thanksgiving

Have An Irie Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving From ReCaFo It’s that special time of year whenΒ we all come together to celebrate life, family, friends and all the blessings bestowed upon us. ReCaFo is thankful for you our loyal fans who have stood by us and has made this year a very exciting one. We wish you all the best this holiday and Thank You for being an Irie fan! Now … Continue reading Have An Irie Thanksgiving!

jerk tofu

Recipe of the Day: Jamaican Jerk Tofu

Jerk is the rockstar of Jamaican food, but it is mostly associated with Chicken and Pork. Today we give you a tasty recipe that will be perfect for your Vegetarian palate. The Jerk Tofu is just as spicy as Jerk Chicken/Pork and will definitely leave you going back for more. It is the perfect spicy substitute for any meat dish. Check it out below. Ingredients … Continue reading Recipe of the Day: Jamaican Jerk Tofu


ReCaFo On The Go (R.O.T.G.) Launched Last Week

This past week we launched a new arm of ReCaFo fittingly called “ReCaFo On The Go” to an amazing reception at the Starrett Lehigh Building (home to brands such as Martha Stewart Living and Under Armor) in Chelsea, NYC. The details of how this new concept works is outline below, but we are excited about taking our tasty food and quality service to the masses. … Continue reading ReCaFo On The Go (R.O.T.G.) Launched Last Week

jamaican fried chicken

Recipe of the Day: Jamaican Fried Chicken

With the world becoming more health conscious in recent years with the rise of Vegan, gluten-free and GMO free diets, people are more considerate of what they put in their bodies. Fried Chicken is one of those foods that has been kicked to the curb for healthier stewed, baked or grilled options. At the moment, we no longer serve Fried Chicken in our restaurants due … Continue reading Recipe of the Day: Jamaican Fried Chicken

2015-10-19 19.27.25

ReCaFo’s Version of Fast Casual

Note: Image above shows the food line @ our Sunset Park location in Brooklyn Fast casual is considered a restaurant that does not offer full table service but promises a higher quality of food with fewer frozen or processed ingredients than a fast food restaurant. The first restaurant to really propel this new sector of the food industry forward was Chipotle, but since their start … Continue reading ReCaFo’s Version of Fast Casual


ReCaFo is Coming to Bushwick!

Hi Fans, We’re proud to announce that this Fall we’ll be opening our 3rd location in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s been an awesome year for us after opening the doors to our second location in Industry City, Sunset Park earlier this year. We’re always looking for growth opportunities to take ReCaFo to the next level and Bushwick is the place. Bushwick is young, hip, full of … Continue reading ReCaFo is Coming to Bushwick!